RCP Track Builder

Design your Mini-RC circuit and test it


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Are you fond of Radio, especially in the category of Mini RC? Are you passionate iWavers, X-mods or Mini-Z and want to build your own track? If you are within this group of users, you will like this program, which will be very useful to design your circuit for the next race.

You can either buy tracks or use it to create your own ones using the pieces you already have.

It is very easy to use and you may find the types of tracks that you need in the first part if the window. Just hum the type of track you want to place and then click on the grid, so to complete your circuit.

As you complete your circuit, you can see the number of tracks used for each type in the lower left corner of the interface.
As well you will be able to see your creation in 3D thanks to the program POV Ray Just click on Render and create a file that you will be able to open with this program.

The Trial Version Works for 12 days.

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